Fire Suppression System Near YorkVille

Fire Suppression System Near YorkVille

Why Professional Fire Extinguisher Inspections are Vital for the Safety of Your New York County Property

When it comes to protection against fire, the residents and business owners of New York County turn to the experts at Professional Fire Service Sales & Services, Inc. The certified technicians at our family-owned and operated, fully licensed and insured fire protection company have been securing the safety of property owners throughout the YorkVille, NY area for more than 35 years. Fire suppression system inspections, fire sprinkler system installation, fire extinguisher service; we’ve got all of your fire protection equipment needs covered and will make sure that your property, loved ones, clients, and anyone else who comes into contact with your property are safe from the dangers of fire.

A fire extinguisher is a crucial piece of safety equipment in your YorkVille, NY home or business; however, if you’re like most property owners, you probably don’t pay much attention to the device; that is until you need to use it. 

Picture it: a small fire breaks out in your home or office and you run to grab a fire extinguisher, pull the pin and the trigger, only to find that nothing happens. Imagine the devastation that could occur. How can you avoid a scenario like this? By regularly inspecting your fire extinguishers. As per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 80% of fires are successfully doused by fire extinguishers; however, there’s no guarantee that your fire extinguisher will work when you need it, which is why regular inspections are an absolute must.

During a fire extinguisher inspection, the condition of the device will be thoroughly assessed and any potential issues can be spotted and corrected so that the device will be ready to use in the event that it’s ever needed.

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why fire extinguisher inspections should be a top priority.

Increased Protection

Unattended candles, faulty wiring, holiday decorations, mishaps in the kitchen; these are just some of the common causes of structure fires in New York County. Often, they start out small and can be contained with a fire extinguisher, but if yours isn’t working properly and a fire that could otherwise be controlled breaks out, you could be in serious trouble.

Fire spreads fast. A few small flames can engulf your home or business in a matter of minutes. A functioning fire extinguisher can help minimize the risk of devastating property damage, serious injuries, and even death. With a fire extinguisher inspection, you’ll rest easy knowing that you can avoid the lasting repercussions that a fire can cause.

Cost Savings

Believe it or not, something as simple as a fire extinguisher inspection can help you save serious money. If a fire breaks out and you can’t contain it because your extinguisher has failed, your property could sustain serious damage – worse yet, someone could suffer severe injuries. The cost of repairing the damages and any medical care that may be needed as a result of an out of control blaze can be exorbitant. By having your extinguishers inspected, you can avoid these costly expenses.

To Remain Code Compliant

As per the standards set by the NFPA, portable fire extinguishers must be inspected on a regular basis. This is of particular importance for commercial property owners because if your extinguishers aren’t inspected, you are violating fire safety codes and could face stiff penalties. To ensure your business is compliant with safety codes and to prevent the consequences that you may suffer if you aren’t, you should have all fire extinguishers in your YorkVille, NY business inspected regularly.

Peace of Mind

While you hope you’ll never have to use one, a fire extinguisher can stop a small fire from turning into a massive blaze. However, in the event that a fire does break out and your fire extinguisher isn’t working properly, you could be in real trouble, real quick. By having your extinguishers inspected, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home or business and anyone on your property are safer, should a fire ever occur.

When Should You Have a Fire Extinguisher Inspection?

So, how often should you have the fire extinguishers in your New York County property inspected? Here’s a helpful guideline:

  • Monthly visual inspections. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that employers must visually inspect all fire extinguishers on their property on a monthly basis; a standard that homeowners should follow, too. During a visual inspection, you should:

o Look for any signs of damage, such as leaks, dents, cracks, or corrosion.

o Ensure that the pull-pin is in place and that the seal surrounding it is intact.

o Check the pressure gauge to ensure that it’s in the proper operating range (the pointer should be in the green zone).

o Check the date the device was last inspected by a certified professional.

After completing a visual inspection, make sure to date and initial the fire extinguisher tags to verify when the inspection took place and who conducted it.

  • Annual maintenance inspections. OSHA also states that employers must have a thorough maintenance check on all fire extinguishers in the workplace once a year. Again, this is a good benchmark for homeowners to abide by, as well. A maintenance inspection must be conducted by a certified fire extinguisher inspector. During a maintenance inspection, the professional will check all components of the device to ensure that it is operating properly. If any issues are found, the technician will make the necessary repairs. Once the inspection is complete and the professional certifies that the extinguisher is working properly, a new dated tag will be attached to it. The tag is good for one year from the date of the inspection. If the fire extinguisher fails the inspection, it must be repaired or replaced.
  • Internal maintenance inspections (frequency varies). An internal maintenance inspection also needs to be conducted by a certified technician. During this inspection, the fire extinguisher will be put through a hydrostatic test. This test involves discharging the extinguisher, examining the interior, and recharging the device. The frequency of internal maintenance inspections varies and depends on the type of fire extinguisher; typically, wet chemical extinguishers need to be inspected once every five years and dry chemical extinguishers once every 12 years.

Professional Fire Service Sales & Services, Inc.: New York County’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Experts

Whether you own a home or a business in YorkVille, NY, having your fire extinguisher professionally inspected is a must. To ensure your extinguisher is functioning properly, contact Professional Fire Service Sales & Services, Inc., a leading New York County fire equipment protection company. To schedule an appointment for a fire extinguisher inspection, please call 631-926-3138 at your earliest convenience.

When it comes to fire, you can never be too safe, and when Professional Fire Service Sales & Services, Inc. is on the job, you can have confidence knowing that your safety is in the most qualified hands.

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